Our website is designed to handle all details of the booking, including payment. After successful payment, you’ll receive an order confirmation.
48 hours. There’s so much to experience and explore in the region. Do yourself a favour and don’t rush!
Unrestricted category. European riders must present “A” category license. Foreign riders will be required the equivalent and international driving permit.
Monroe, Virginia or free delivery and pick up within 75 miles from shop
-Free Airport Pick up and Drop off to the Lynchburg VA Airport
-Charlottesville Airport Pick up and Drop off for $25 per person.
– Guide Services and custom tours in the Mid Atlantic area
-Maps and GPX files for self guided destinations in the Appalachian
-Lunch & Ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, enjoy a day on the Blue Ridge with a lunch provided.
-Custom Training can be scheduled with a well known and reputable local trainer and company (future option)
-Basic bike skill drills prior to tours or on demand by customers
We do not have rental gear (helmets, gloves, jackets, boots) at this time. We suggest that you ship your personal gear to us prior to your arrival and we can ship it back to you, for a reasonable fee, when you are done with your adventure.
Mosko Moto panniers and duffels for extended tours or daily use (additional fees applied = $18 per day per set or )
We have a range of coverage options but all rentals will be subject to a credit hold on a major credit card for the insurance companies deductible assigned to each motorcycle, as a minimum. In some cases a larger credit hold will be necessary to secure a rental from us.
The deposit amount varies from for each motorcycle due to its value, but in all cases the deposit will equal the amount of deductible prescribed by our insurance company. In some cases a credit hold ranging between $800-1500 will also be applied. Deposits and credit holds will be returned when the motorcycle has been returned in the same condition you picked it up. A video record will be created at point of pick up for the benefit of both the customer and 20 Fingers Moto RENTALs LLC..
Unfortunately accidents happen. First, please secure your personal safety and then respond to local authorities in the event of an accident. Notify us immediately for instructions on your situation, we will do what we can to assist you.
Our motorcycles are rented with a full tank of fuel so we expect you to return it the same way. As a courtesy option, you can bring it back empty or close to it and accept a $21 (subject to change with the local price of fuel) charge.
We will not charge any fee if the cancellation is done 30 days prior to the first day of the booked period.

If the cancellation is between:

29 – 15 days before departure, you will pay 30%

14 – 8 days before departure, you will pay 50%

7 days to 1 day before departure, you will pay 80%

If you simply don’t show up for whatever reason, you will pay 100%

Call, text, or email is immediately so we can help sort you out. Depending on what insurance coverage you selected for the rental, dispatching help will be initiated by either us, or you. If possible we will arrange a replacement motorcycle if you are within 100 miles of our business location: beyond 100 miles will require sorting our transportation through an insurance provider, or figuring it out on your own: we highly recommend buying our road side assistance policy for this very reason.
If you have selected ours or have your own ‘roadside assistance’ provider, please contact them for help. Unfortunately, the cost of tire repair or replacement is not covered by any insurance policies we have, so the cost is your responsibility. We do not rent motorcycles with repaired tires, so the cost of tire replacement will be charged to your account upon returning the vehicle. Also, wheel damage is a serious safety issue. If you have damaged a wheel to the point it does not operate safely, you must contact us and stop riding the motorcycle immediately. Also, your deposit/credit hold will be used to replace/repair the wheel. Lightly damaged wheels will be assessed at the point of return and a minimum of $200 will be deducted from the deposit to help with the repair of the wheel. Please take care to monitor tire pressure at all times and ‘airing down’ tires for off road use is sometimes desired but not recommended!
Ride our motorcycles responsibly and provide common sense measures to provide security when it’s parked at overnight locations or during meal stops: as if it was ‘your’ motorcycle. On rental periods longer than 3 days it’s ‘your’ responsibility to use T-CLOCS (T-Tires, C-Controls, L-Lights, O-Oil, C-Chassis, S-Stands) inspection checklist prior to riding each day. We have provided this list at the beginning of your rental. Motorcycles, unlike many other vehicles, require DAILY inspections for safety reasons, this is why we prefer using the T-CLOCS inspection system. Failure to properly maintain your rental on a longer than 3 day rental will result in the loss of your deposit.